The Hammond Group LLC

The Hammond Group LLC (THG) is the parent company for a collection of DBA’s that will plan, manage, facilitate and produce events, all within different industries or lines of business. The Hammond Group brings together a team of Event & Industry Professionals who have a passion for designing and executing high quality events, created with and for a purpose. Our goal is to provide you with a team of individuals who will keep you organized from start to finish, while creating a memorable experience for you and your target audience and/or guests. We have extensive experience in corporate events, conference planning, public sector education, along with independent and social event management. Oh, and don’t forget wedding planning! THG is excited to develop your next event.

Our Mission

Whether the purpose is to connect individuals, solve a problem, define needs and solutions, process improvement, or deliver high quality education, The Hammond Group recognizes what is expected of our clients to deliver value.  Through the process of executing an event of excellence, we strive to accomplish these goals with each and every experience.